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Restoring Sanity after Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

by rescuetruth on August 29th, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.I had originally decided that I was not going to write about Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C., but after enduring much of this travesty, as well as the pregame Divine Destiny sideshow, the urge became too strong to bear and I succumbed.  While Beck repeatedly affirmed that this event was nonpolitical, such a claim is disingenuous at best.  If it truly was intended to be nonpolitical, the attendees did not get the memo.  During the event, care was taken not to utter the names of the enemy, and specific instructions were given not to bring signs; however, the message was as clear as day, and everyone was locked and loaded.

If there was an award for having an ego bigger than Kanye West, Glenn Beck would surely take home the prize.  In dedication to Beck’s consistent arrogance, the song Megalomaniac by Incubus (lyrics) is fitting, which was originally written during the rule of Fmr. President G. W. Bush.  Throughout this circus, Beck cycled through emotions like a newborn baby, reiterating that the Restoring Honor rally was a faith-based mission assigned to him from god herself, further evidence that he sees himself in a sort of messianic sense.  Isn’t there something in the Bible about false prophets?

Glenn Beck, who has largely made his living off of maligning President Obama, is like a disillusioned kid who won’t share.  He runs around picking up all the toys, until all of them are wrapped in his arms, only he cannot guard them and play at the same time. As soon as another person touches one of his toys, he screams, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”  This is what Glenn Beck is attempting to do with our Founding Fathers, and other great Americans like Martin Luther King, Jr.  He’s running around trying to lay claim to them!  Luckily, you simply cannot revise history.  You can distort the facts, but you cannot change them.

On a sick day or early on a weekend, when we are perusing through the hundreds of channels available on modern cable TV, we always pass that channel that seems to loop Joel Osteen’s services, and I think most will agree that there is a striking resemblance between the styling of Beck and Mr. Osteen—evangelism.  It is an appeal to the emotions, to religion, and often times to the wallet in your back pocket (or if you are smart, front pocket).  Using this evangelistic style, Beck continues to create a divide where him and his followers are on the side of god, and everyone opposing him is not, which is vaguely reminiscent of justifications we heard during the Bush era.

According to Beck, it was just happenstance that his self-proclaimed “divine mission” coincided with the 47th anniversary of one of the greatest speeches in the history of the United States—Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  On May 26th, Beck asserted that his rally would “reclaim the civil rights movement … because we were the people who did it in the first place.”  Following Beck’s outrageous statement, the question most people asked was, from who?  Who are you planning to reclaim the civil rights movement from?  Additionally, who is doing the reclaiming?  If you take a few moments to observe Beck’s event, you’ll see it was largely older white people.

Glenn Beck is capitalizing on a moment in history where much of the country is in disarray.  While the majority of Americans voted for change, people like Glenn Beck and other reactionaries are making a concerted effort to thwart progress and send us back to Biblical times by revising history and fear-mongering.  Beck often uses violent rhetoric in his TV and radio talk show, something that Dr. King would undoubtedly stand against.  Sarah Palin, one of Beck’s guests, recently expressed her support for Dr. Laura after she said the N-word 11 times during a rant, while responding to a black woman in need of some advice.  What would Dr. King think?

Beck has made unfounded criticisms of President Obama, calling him a “racist,” and a sort of perverted Christian.  Beck also said that Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people.”  Listening to Beck’s program, one does not feel love and compassion, nor do they have the pleasure of experiencing an atmosphere of tolerance.  After bashing Obama, moderates, and liberals, five days a week on his radio show, can there be any credence to a claim of “restoring honor” when Glenn Beck is involved?

Why have so many of Beck’s disciples refused to entertain the consequences of what the new radical right is suggesting?

  • Raising the retirement age to 70?
  • Gambling retirement money on the stock market while lining the pockets of brokers with commissions?
  • Repealing the Civil Rights Act?
  • Not allowing gays to have marriage equality?
  • Making the First Amendment exclusionary?
  • Not allowing women to stop a pregnancy even in cases of rape and incest in the name of religion?
  • Stopping stem cell research in favor of throwing out unused embryos?
  • Repealing the 17th Amendment, which would restrict citizens from participating in the elections of senators?
  • Giving the rich more and more tax cuts while the middle class is gradually eliminated?
  • Government should solely have a negative role, punishing the wrongdoers, and not help our fellow Americans in need?

Is this the restoration of America, or the continuation of a Bush-style doctrine, which could accurately be labeled as a journey away from democracy, rule by the people, and towards plutocracy, rule by the wealthy?  Glenn Beck encourages people to question the government, and is especially hard on moderates and liberals, but why are the blind followers of this man not questioning Glenn Beck himself?  Is it because Glenn Beck more or less claims that he is channeling the message of god?  Even the Buddha encouraged man never to merely accept the doctrine and path, but to diligently investigate it for himself.  The same must be done in the case of Glenn Beck.

Dr. King’s message was one of hope and change, tolerance and compassion, love and unity.  We must not waver.  We must not become weary.  If America is to move forward, we must persevere with dignity, honor, and respect.  This is the America I dream of, and directly in line with Dr. King’s message.

  • mark

    Have you never gone to church?Have you never in your life heard that its time to turn around and go GODS way? I think you have and thats what you heard at the rally today.The gospel is simple and the message was simpleat the rally to spin other things in just because you dont like glen beck in all fairness is bigoted sorry.

  • mark

    Thats fine,just being honest as i see it.

  • David

    So according to Mark who commented above me, he seems to believe that if you disagree with someone’s beliefs that makes you a bigot. That is entirely incorrect. Like most FOX programs, Beck’s is no different when it comes to the facts department. Let’s be frank, his program uses misleading statements and propaganda to distort the truth and historical events to favor his opinion. When Beck states something based on his deep seeded racism and his own bigotry, that’s exactly what he is saying, his opinion. He has every right to say it, no matter how offensive it is. That’s the beauty of our great country, it was founded so that people can say what they want to say and practice any religion without fear of imprisonment or death. The problem I have with Beck is his demonization of the political left. I believe that both the left and the right, deep down, are both trying to do what they feel is best for our country. But Beck and the rest of FOX use the term “liberal” as if it was horrible insult. Their very actions prove how bigoted they themselves really are. I will now include the definition of Bigot so Mark and others like him will not use it improperly in the future. (Bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance)

  • jonsmith

    maybe we don’t need a god that everyone fights over…maybe that is the essence of the problem that glen beck is proclaiming as the savior of america?

    religion has proven to be the most evil of all in this world…think of how many attrocities have been executed in the name of religion…

    AND the christians have proven to be the most violent and intolerant of all releigions…beck is just another over the edge character of a long list such as Fallwell, Robertson, Baker, Swaggert, etc…who are liars, cheats and scumbags…he just has more money AND FOX NEWS…paid for and by the republican party…

    screw religion and all fools who have faith in it…

  • Jade

    Radical right…radical left…give me a break! This mud-slinging “he said, she said” has turned into a middle school playground. For the sake of readers, be informed. This stereotyping of all conservatives shoving their “crazy Christian ways” down peoples’ throats and liberals “wanting to kill babies” is ridiculous. Beck is crazy, but he is not a racist and actually was very accurate in his portrayal of the founding fathers. Get past the sound clips, people.

    Also, Christian people believe that all people have a purpose of fufill. This is not them proclaiming to be a messiah, just understanding their “chosen path”.

    Beck also slammed Bush even more than Obama, but I guess you were to busy reading misguided opinions on far left blogs to pay attention.

    Get over this conservative vs. liberal, crap. Both parties are corrupt. End of story.