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Fox News contributes to political assassination of Shirley Sherrod

by rescuetruth on July 21st, 2010

Shirley Sherrod, a USDA worker forced to give her resignation on Monday, was played by Fox News and Breitbart in what appears to be an nearly successful attempt at political assassination.  Cutting a tape to depict Sherrod as a racist is a despicable act that can easily be classified as defamation of character.  This malicious type of reporting will not be tolerated, especially from the so-called Fair & Balanced news source, Fox News.

At this point, it is evident that Ms. Sherrod shared her story to illustrate the epiphany she had while working with the white farmers who were fighting to keep their farms.  Sherrod’s point was that race was not the most important factor, but instead toted the importance of fighting for those less fortunate.  The wife of the white farmer Sherrod mentioned in her story was very grateful for her help, and they remain friends to this day.  After watching the full tape, and hearing the comments from the wife of the farmer, it is clear that Fox News and Breitbart played the American public, NAACP, and the Obama administration.  This leads one to wonder what the political motivation is for this.

With the criticisms of the Tea Party and its racist fringe elements, as well as the ongoing battle between them and the NAACP, this was seemingly perfect ammunition for conservatives.  Watching the tape of Sherrod made conservatives feel like they had the upper hand on racism.  Now they could prove that there was racism within the NAACP, a group that deplores all brands of discrimination, possibly in an attempt to downplay the Tea Party’s racist factions.  We’ve all seen the signs of Obama being depicted as Hitler, or an African tribesman with a bone through the nose as related to health care.  Apparently, Sherrod was displaying that same blatant racism, but to the benefit of the Tea Party and conservatives.  Thankfully, Fox News and its cronies were not successful.

Will this force the hand of the Obama administration official which quickly pushed for the resignation?  If so, a retraction could make the administration appear as though they acted too fast, which is seemingly true.  The decision to act quickly may have been an attempt to make up for previous disappointments when Americans have set their expectations too high – as with the oil spill.  Acting quickly and sloppily looks bad for the administration, which is already overtaxed with other unjustified criticisms.  My hope is that the Obama administration does the right thing, and reinstates Sherrod into her rightful position.

As for thugs like the people at Fox News and Breitbart, I believe that a civil suit may be necessary to possibly act as a deterrent against misleading reporting.  Slander, libel, defamation – whatever you want to call it – it is against the law, and the Fox News criminals should be prosecuted.