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The Gulf oil spill isn’t Obama’s Katrina, not even close

by rescuetruth on June 1st, 2010

Skimmers at work (© BP p.l.c.)

It pains me to see so many individuals, politicians, and political commentators comparing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to Hurricane Katrina, and even 9/11.  Those who compare the oil spill to 9/11 are insulting those whose lives were taken that day, and the same applies to Hurricane Katrina.  Almost 2,000 people died as a result of Hurricane Katrina with most victims being from Louisiana.  In no way can we personally hold President Obama responsible for the events leading up to and eventually causing the oil spill.  The oil rig was owned and operated by corporations – BP, Transocean, Halliburton.  The decisions that ultimately contributed to this catastrophe were made by employees of BP and Transocean.

James Carville severely criticized the President for a so-called “lackadaisical” response, although I don’t see mounting evidence of this by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, I believe Carville’s emotional response to this devastating situation is mainly due to his close proximity to the area; he lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Of course, Fox News seizes this as an opportunity to bash President Obama with negative commentary coming from those you would expect on the network.  On Fox & Friends, guest host Dave Briggs falsely claimed that President Obama had not visited the Gulf, when we know he visited on May 2nd, just days after the explosion occurred.

The Gulf oil spill is a vastly devastating problem, and has various economic, environmental, and political repercussions.  While we are making efforts to reduce economic and environmental repercussions, we can make a proper judgment, and reduce those related to politics.  Blaming the President for this issue is not only incorrect, but unfair and damaging.  We should show our support rather than continuing to put unjustified pressure on an administration that I believe is doing a decent job, and has the same concerns and vested interest as we do.