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Obama signs the Tribal Law and Order Act

by rescuetruth on August 1st, 2010

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak about being a rape survivor. Even over a decade later, there are visible emotional scars left by the assault on this Native American woman.  Tragically, Lisa Marie Iyotte’s story is one that is not uncommon within parts of this country, where one and three Native American women will be raped during their lifetimes.  The Tribal Law and Order Act will help to combat crime by giving tribal authorities more authority to prosecute criminals.

If you watch the video closely, even before President Obama begins his short speech, you can see him genuinely comforting Ms. Iyotte while she shares her heartrending story with the country, a poignant reminder of the shortfalls of law in tribal territories.  I believe that this video shows us once again that our president is a man of great honor and compassion.  Thank you, Mr. Obama for signing the Tribal Law and Order Act into law, and also Ms. Iyotte for your courage and dedication to this cause.

View the Tribal Law and Order Act