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Newt Gingrich & The New Radical Right

by rescuetruth on September 21st, 2010

Former Speaker of the House Newt GingrichAt the Christian Values Voter Summit in Washington on Saturday, Newt Gingrich called for a “federal ban” on Sharia law.  Perhaps you are as confused as I am.  Extreme interpretation of Sharia calls for amputation for stealing, death by stoning for adultery, beheadings, and lashings.  Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said it best when he said, “No such thing is happening, and you wonder where I got such a crazy idea?  Why, Newt Gingrich told me.”

Gingrich and other extremists are attempting to create a second wave of McCarthyism.  In the 1940s and 50s, alcoholic Senator Joseph McCarthy made accusations which claimed that over 200 communists had infiltrated the United States government.  McCarthy’s unfounded claims were eventually found to be false and manufactured, but not before repressing numerous American citizens, including public officials, writers, actors, and scientists.  Many men and women were imprisoned, had their reputations permanently tarnished, and lost their jobs.  It was a shameful moment in American history, one that the radical right is determined to repeat.

Why is the new radical right trying to demonize the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, including the millions of moderate Muslims who live in the United States?  The right manufacturers issue after issue, from the inaptly named Ground Zero mosque to the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory.  Not one of these theories has credence, yet the modern media provides an astoundingly large platform for presenting these terrorist-like views.  That’s right, Gingrich’s ideas are meant to employ terror as a political weapon.

The radical right doesn’t need logic, empirical data, or reality on their side, only emotion under a veneer of patriotism.  The radical right doesn’t need to be for something when their platform is merely to be against everything.  They want you to be afraid.  The psychology of the new radical right can be summed up by histrionic personality disorder, which is characterized by emotionality and attention-seeking behavior.  If the Gingrich radicals are voted into office this November, the Tea Party will be begging for moderates Republican after a year, and Democrats after two years.  In all seriousness, we probably would not be so lucky, as a recent survey showed that most Republicans do not see compromise as an endearing trait in a politican.  Conversely, most Democrats saw compromise as a positive attribute for a politician.

Perhaps people like Newt Gingrich only serve one purpose, to make the radical candidates seem moderate in comparison.  After all, Gingrich’s absurd comment, which received wild applause in a purely conservative audience, has successfully distracted from the candidates, as with the “Ground Zero” mosque.  On all of my favorite political programs, a large portion of time was spent talking about Gingrich’s comments at the Values Voter Summit, as well as his comments on Obama’s so-called “anti-colonialism.”  Viewers and listeners only need to hear Gingrich’s comments once to fully realize their inherent insanity.  When there is no shortage of radicalism and equally-newsworthy comments by candidates, we should really be focusing our efforts on the election.

Quotes from speakers at the Christian Values Voter Summit [1]

“We find that the minority officers do not shoot as well as the non-minorities.  … They don’t swim as well.”
-Fmr. U.S. Marine Corp. General Carl Mundy

“We have an administration today … we got a guy that hates America. … Until we get rid of Barry…”
-Republican Dale Peterson (Fmr. AL Agriculture Commissioner Candidate)

“I would say we should not allow Muslims to serve in the U.S. military, and we have got to raise questions about whether we can afford to allow Muslims to immigrate into the United States at all. … Permits, in my judgment, should not be granted to build even one more mosque int he United States of America, not one.”
-Bryan Fischer (American Family Association)

Do you feel the love?


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