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Pastor Terry Jones: Good for Business, Bad for America

by rescuetruth on September 11th, 2010

Pastor Terry Jones, A Modern MadmanThe media is arguably responsible for several monsters that were never worthy of our attention.  Recent situations involving the immoral Pastor Terry Jones, the so-called Ground Zero “mosque,” and even the quitter Sarah Palin (post-election) may have merely been flies on the wall if it were not for the constant reporting, but instead we’ve perpetuated a tidal wave of injustice and even hatred toward Muslims.

Pastor Terry Jones is not representative of America, nor is he a respectable name in the church business, but he has garnered the attention of the media with his antics.  Jones has taken the media on a roller coaster of anxiety from canceling to postponing his Quran-burning ceremony.

The Quran-burning event will likely have global consequences.  At the very least, we will continue to see demonstrations featuring the burning of Old Glory, and lots of people yelling about how much they hate America.  At the worst, it could stir up violence towards our troops, or here at home.

While the media’s derelictions are not necessarily crimes, they should feel the weight of irresponsible journalism if something is to happen.  In fact, they should probably feel the weight for contributing to the out-of-control Park51 story, which has only heightened anti-Muslim rhetoric.

At the end of the day, people choose what they want to hear.  If extremists in the Middle East want to hear about a psychotic man burning the Quran, and completely ignore the millions of Americans who are fighting for this cause and loathe the very idea of this event, that is their prerogative, however sad that might be.  Many people of the Middle East do not have the same understanding of freedom that we do, and thus do not understand how a government could “allow” something like this to proceed.  While some in America seek to antagonize, most of us wish people could take the road that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. followed—nonviolence and love.

We’ve seen piles of surveys stating that most Americans are against the proposed Islamic community center to be built a few blocks away from the former World Trade Center site, but why would we expect anything more when we have an information highway jammed with misinformation.  How can we expect the general public to make a rational decision while being flooded with propaganda, and emotionally-charged doublespeak?

After the 9/11 attacks, it was seen as taboo to use the tragedy for political gain, which is a reasonable expectation to have of politicians; however, things have changed.  Republican Rick Lazio, who is running for governor in New York, used imagery from the September 11th attacks, and the Park51 community center as leverage in his political ad.

Republican Sarah Palin and conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck have also exploited the 9/11 tragedy for political gain, as well as for profit.  The Palin-Beck event will be hosted tomorrow with tickets priced between $73 and $130 dollars, plus $225 to meet Glenn Beck the evangelist in person.[1] Nothing says patriotic like making money off of the deaths of innocent Americans, right?

Why did the Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton, and the President of the United States have to address these issues?  Because a monster was created by the media, which ultimately brought in higher ratings, and stirred up more anti-Muslim sentiment.  Good for business, but bad for America (and the rest of the world).


[1] CBS News. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Sept. 11 Event Ticket Price: $73 to $225


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