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Republican momentum may be short-lived, Lewis Black on Glenn Beck

by rescuetruth on May 13th, 2010

Our country is divided right down the middle, and there seems to be a lot of dissent, even amongst Conservatives; however, it seems like some of these issues have given Republicans a much needed boost.  Recently we’ve watched the Republican party dismiss some of its most loyal candidates including Senator Harri Anne Smith, who was kicked out after showing her support for a Democratic candidate.  President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has received criticism from the right for not having the proper judicial experience, although Republicans were ready to confirm Harriet Miers, who was nominated by Fmr. President George W. Bush.  Harriet Miers also had no judicial experience.

Arizona Republicans have shown that they have no regard for equality or diversity by passing SB 1070, which effectively legalizes and mandates racial profiling, and more recently SB 1069 which bans ethnic studies classes.  SB 1070 has prompted Los Angeles to approve a boycott of Arizona.  While this law appeases those Americans who have little regard for the freedoms of other American citizens, it threatens to uproot minority support for the Republican party.  Recent polls have shown that most Americans are in favor of the Arizona law, although I’m curious as to how many have actually read the bill.  Further, how many of those that have read the law understand why this is a civil rights issue?  I also find it interesting that John McCain is now in support of a border fence when just a few years ago, he was against such a measure.  McCain has also flip-flopped on his immigration stance.

Can the Republican party survive this election politically?

“As a Republican, it pains me to see and hear so many others in the party express anti-immigrant sentiments, and it strikes me as politically fruitless to see so many Republicans support measures such as SB 1070.”
-Robert Gonzalez (Mexican-American Attorney)



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