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Republican Tom Corbett gets dirty, goes after Tweeters for criticizing him

by rescuetruth on May 21st, 2010

Recently, Republican Tom Corbett filed a subpoena with Twitter to reveal the identities of two of his critics.  American citizens have the right to criticize the government anonymously, if desired.  It has become clear that Tom Corbett does not share those same values.

Tom, we will not allow you nor will we allow any other candidate to trample the free speech we cherish as American citizens.  You are a disgrace to Pennsylvanians, and have no right to use your powers as Attorney General of Pennsylvania to subpoena your critics.  We highly suggest that you resign from public office if you cannot handle criticism.  You should expect many more criticisms on Twitter, Facebook, and many other blogs after your appalling behavior.  Are you going to subpoena them too?

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