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Republican Pat Toomey suppresses voter feedback

by rescuetruth on September 26th, 2010

Senate-hopeful Pat Toomey (R-PA) is suppressing voter feedback on YouTube.  Evidence of this appalling practice is embedded below.

Pennsylvania Republicans are not strangers to censorship.  Some Pennsylvania residents may remember Attorney General Tom Corbett’s decision to subpoena two Twitter users for criticizing him online.  When the public got word of this blatant abuse of powers, the pressure became too much for Corbett to bear, and the subpoena was withdrawn.  Tom Corbett (R) is currently running against Dan Onorato (D) for Pennsylvania governor.

I run several web sites, one of which has reached well over a million people and has been live for a few years, and have only blocked a few comments in that time.  Not including spam, there are very specific circumstances required to warrant that decision—hate speech or verbal abuse definitely qualify.

The only comments I have posted to Pat Toomey’s YouTube page relate to his voting record.  There was no disrespect, hate speech, verbal abuse, or anything else that would qualify for removal under reasonable circumstances.  It is quite clear that Pat Toomey and his cronies are trying to quell political speech, instead of allowing an open dialog.


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  • anthony

    Toomey also censors his facebook page comments. I posted a reasonable intelligent response, of course no personal disrespect, hate speech or verbal abuse and later I find the comment gone.

  • rescuetruth

    It’s quite sad when politicians are so insecure that they have to worry about the truth.  Luckily, there are other avenues of discussion on the Internet.  Thanks for posting your experience.