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Pennsylvania Senate hopeful Joe Sestak gets bipartisan endorsements

by rescuetruth on August 23rd, 2010

Joe Sestak and FamilyThe Independent-turned-Democrat Senate hopeful, Joe Sestak, has secured numerous high profile endorsements from both sides of the aisle.  Sestak has support from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Former President Bill Clinton, and most recently, Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel.  In 2007, Bloomberg changed his party affiliation from Republican to Independent.  Fmr. Senator Chuck Hagel is a Republican.

Hagel told The Associated Press that “Sestak has demonstrated during his two terms in Congress that he puts what’s best for the country before the interests of his party.”  According to The Associated Press, Hagel intends on formally announcing his endorsement of Sestak on Tuesday in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.[1] Sen. Hagel served in the U.S. Senate from 1997 to 2009, and fought in the Vietnam War, for which he received the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, two Purple Hearts, Army Commendation Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.[2]

In September 2006, Sestak’s opponent in Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district election, Republican Curt Weldon, had a commanding 19 point lead according to polls.  By the end of October, Sestak transformed the -19 point spread into a +7 spread, and ended up winning the election by over 12 percentage points.[3]


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  • Joe

    Clinton (D), Bloomberg, Hagel(I) both libs. Bi-partisan is laughable.

    Editor Note: Hagel is a Republican, not an Independent. Bloomberg is an Independent. By definition, bipartisan refers to a joint effort or bill by both the major political parties.

  • admin

    Bloomberg switched his party affiliation from Republican to Independent in 2007. Most agree that Bloomberg is a moderate, who happens to have some socially progressive stances, but is fiscally conservative; hence, the title of Independent.

    Fmr. Senator Chuck Hagel is a Republican, *not* an Independent (sources included in article, and a quick Google search confirms this). While in office, Hagel’s policies were without a doubt conservative. I’m not sure what your source is, but here is his voting record, and ratings…

  • joe strosser

    You are aware of the fact that Chuck Hagel works for President Obama as the co-chairman of President Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board?