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PA-12: Mark Critz vs. Tim Burns

by rescuetruth on May 17th, 2010

PA Representative John Murtha died suddenly on February 9th, prompting the 12th Congressional district to schedule a special election for tomorrow.  John Murtha was a patriot who fought in the Vietnam War as a Marine, and supported the American people faithfully for 36 years.  Mark Critz is running against Tim Burns in the PA-12 election.  Yesterday, Fmr. President Bill Clinton attended a rally in Johnstown, PA in support of Critz.  While neither candidate is Liberal by any stretch, Critz supports financial reform, and although a Democrat, leans Conservative on issues like gun rights and abortion.  Tim Burns, who is your typical Republican pro-lifer and a member of the NRA, would have you believe he is “real change,” but unless you were a fan of Bush’s eight years of failed policy, this guy isn’t for you.



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