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Jan Brewer’s “The Great Pause”

by rescuetruth on September 2nd, 2010

At last night’s gubernatorial debate, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) froze during her opening statement, creating an extremely painful and awkward moment for anyone watching.

I imagine that Republicans will find a way to worship Gov. Brewer for this alarming display, as so many did with the draconian anti-immigration law, SB 1070.  At least equally or even more daunting was the press conference following the debate. Gov. Brewer was unable to explain comments she had made claiming beheadings were taking place within the Arizona desert.  When opponent Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard called Brewer out on making such incendiary comments, she attempted to change the subject.

Many modern Republicans, without a doubt, have very frightening and radical stances on a variety of issues.  Brewer is just one sheep in this 2010 flock of radical right-wing conservatives.  While polls put Brewer ahead of Goddard by 12 points, her only big accomplishment was the passage of SB 1070, some of which was struck down as unconstitutional by a federal judge.[1]

Brewer also used her role as governor to repeal a piece of legislation that cost more than 800 people their health insurance benefits.  All 800+ people were members of the LGBT community.  Fortunately, the denial of health coverage to partners of gay workers was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.[2]

In less than two years, Brewer has raised taxes, had two major pieces of legislation ruled unconstitutional, and has signed three pieces of legislation reducing restrictions related to concealed weapons—one of which allows concealed weapons in bars, and another removes licensing requirements.[3]

Jan Brewer has become a media star since the signing of SB 1070, however mixed opinions may be, but as the governor receives questions that are unscripted, it becomes apparent that she cannot speak outside of her narrow talking points.  Being unable to speak outside the context of scripted talking points is a problem that indicates that a person may not have the answers for the issues that we are faced with; thus, making that person ill equipped as a public official.  If a person cannot effectively explain their positions when faced with tough questions, how can that person run a state?


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