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10:1 ratio of spending cuts to revenues? Hell no.

by rescuetruth on August 14th, 2011

When Bret Baier asked Republican candidates if they would accept a deficit deal with a 10:1 ratio of spending cuts to revenues, every single candidate said they would refuse the offer.  At this point, swearing off any and all tax increases, even from eliminating the most damaging and unfair loopholes, is stupid and irresponsible.  Is it prudent to believe that every single Republican candidate believes that tax cuts for the wealthy (“job creators”) will create more jobs?  I could not help but think that every single candidate looked immature, impractical, and unreasonable standing there with his or her hand in the air.

It’s hard to imagine the current batch of Republican candidates moving from super-conservative to general election mode.  One might venture that Republican candidates are vying for the ultra-conservatives in order to win in the primaries; however, they are also generating more and more material for President Obama to use against them.  Is it possible for a Republican to get outside of the party talking points for a moment, or are they all the same?

Where are all the moderate Republicans?


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