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POLL: Are you in favor of creating a new tax bracket for income over $1,000,000?

by rescuetruth on September 27th, 2010


From → Economics

  • Marvin

    This is a brilliant idea — it would could help put a huge dent in the deficit…

    The Democrats should propose it… but they’re probably too wimpy to do so. Lame.

  • Fronk

    So you have a question that asks a yes/no question, and then has four different “Yes” choices?

    I understand what the choices represent, but they don’t quite match the question.

  • CitizenPlusPlus

    * Investments, Savings, Retirement, Medical, Charity: 0% tax.
    * Income, Spending, Estate @ $500k+: 100% tax apportioned to states.

  • R-Legit

    There is a difference between wimpy and ineffective.

    The Dems have proposed many useful items but, the Republicans and Blue Dems have watered down and obstructed them.

    So they can propose a reasonable tax increase, closing Guantanamo Bay, or a Public Option but, they would just be wasting their time and allowing the opposition to further waste their time.

    That is why they don’t make progressive decisions like this. Try voting in more progressives and replacing blue dog Dems [that fucked you all out of a public option in the first place].