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POLL: What should we do about the new TSA security procedures?

by rescuetruth on November 19th, 2010


From → Civil Rights

  • Rickjones

    What a stupid poll. Where is the option for “Keep the scanners and pat-downs – I believe in safety”

  • Chris Strosser

    Ahhh, you are totally right. I am deleting this quiz and creating a new one. My apologies for that oversight. (BTW: There’s *no* evidence that these body scanners/pat downs make us any safer, and if they do, it is probably MARGINAL. We’d be better served with layered security.)

  • Joestrosser

    Send complaints and alternatives to your local congressperson. More importantly e-mail the congressional people from states with high revenue from air travel. Nevada, Florida,… Dem and Rep, no matter. This is illegal, a waste of precious resources and just another example of big government control. Just bad. This is exactly what the terrorists want. I’m considering canceling my trip to Disney on principal, but have time to see what happens.

  • Joestrosser

    Safety is issue #1, but naked scanning a 97 year old frequent flyer of 50 years is a massive waste of $$$$. As a surviving cancer patient with 15 doses of radiation I don’t want any more unless cancer comes back. My only option then for air travel is to get sexually assaulted. WTF? Seriously, what does it say about a government that won’t ask for I’d to vote but they’ll grab your vagina open palm even if you’ve been flying for 50 years.

  • Joestrosser

    Does Obama get radiated or his teabag squeezed every time he goes on airforce one? Does all of congress? Their staff? If a TSA agent finds a bomb wouldn’t more people die if it’s detonated in a crowded line versus on a plane? Trains, trucks that pass through tunnels go unchecked. Insanity!