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POLL: Should the local, state, or federal government stop Pastor Terry Jones from burning Qurans on 9/11?

by rescuetruth on September 9th, 2010


From → Civil Rights

  • Joe s

    No. The tax payer funded military burns bibles so a private citizen should be able to do the same. First amendment and separation of church and state make it clear. No further comment from me.

  • admin

    I think you should be careful when making statements like that. Insinuating that our military burns Bibles for the same reason as Terry Jones is not true, especially considering our military consists of mostly Christians. Terry Jones wanted to burn the Quran out of hate, not to avert possible harm to troops.

    Clearly, the 2009 story regarding burning Bibles is a one-off situation, which was strange, but within context makes a little sense. At the same time, I’m not really sure why they had to burn them, when it seems that they could have easily been sent back.

    While legally it doesn’t appear that there is any precedence to stop anyone from burning a Quran due to possible global repercussions, Jones did not have a permit to have a burning, which is required in that town in Florida. Stopping Jones from burning the Quran due to his lack of a permit does not pose a legal issue – in fact, it would have been merely enforcing the law. Nevertheless, there was no Quran burning on 9/11, which the majority of Americans are happy about.